Investment Attack in Automotive Supply Industry

Automotive Side Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) Chairman Ömer Burhanoğlu, target in the supply industry has risen.

Chairman of the TOSB Board of Directors Ömer Burhanoğlu stated that there will be big investments in the supply industry in 2019, and stated that 106 firms in TOSB have a total investment of EUR 90 million and they aim to export 12 billion dollars in total as the supply industry.

12 billion dollar export target in 2019

Burhanoğlu emphasized that the automotive industry exported $ 31.6 billion in 2018 and $ 10 billion of this was done by the procurement industry. 20 percent increase over the last year to 12 billion dollars to reach the export figure, "he said.

Automotive industry, despite the decline in production and sales, indicating an increase in exports Burhanoğlu, "Automotive Industry Association, according to data, the automotive industry in 2017, the export figure of 28.5 billion dollars in 2018 increased by 11 percent, reached 32 billion dollars. According to 2017, exports increased by 12 percent to $ 10 billion, "he said.

"A new market of $ 3.5 trillion will form"

Referring to the importance of digitalization in automotive industry, Burhanoglu said that the automotive industry is at the top of all the industries implementing all innovations, and that the new digitalization market will create a market of $ 3.5 trillion. TOSB in this new market by taking a share of 1.5 percent of our exports can increase $ 50 billion, "he said.