Toyota and Panasonic to produce battery for electric vehicles

Toyota and Panasonic are setting up a new company to produce a prismatic battery for the automotive industry.


According to the statement from Toyota, the company will be established at the end of 2020, the equity participation rate will be 51 percent Toyota and 49 percent Panasonic.

The cooperation between Toyota and Panasonic will include research, development, product engineering, production, supply, order and management of prismatic lithium ion batteries, solid state batteries and future generation batteries.

Toyota will provide equipment and personnel in the field of development and product engineering for battery cells. The number of people in the partnership will be around 3 thousand 500 and the products produced will be sold to various automobile manufacturers.

Lead the sector in terms of both performance and cost

In the automotive world, consumers' expectations are changing. Technologies such as networked automobiles, autonomous cars and vehicle sharing services are trying to find solutions to problems related to global warming and energy resources.

As vehicles move towards becoming electric to solve such problems, the batteries stand out as one of their most important elements.


However, problems with the battery must also be solved. In addition to cost, energy density, charging time and safety, stable supply capacity and efficient return structures must also be realized.

The independent efforts of battery manufacturers and automobile manufacturers are not enough to solve this problem. Toyota and Panasonic, together with their cooperation, will contribute to the expansion of the electric vehicles of Toyota and other automobile brands. High-capacity automotive prismatic batteries will lead the industry in terms of both performance and cost.

"We want to produce better electric vehicles for more customers"

Toyota Deputy General Manager Shigeki Terashi, together with Panasonic, stated that they want to increase their competitiveness on battery, which is one of the basic elements of electric vehicle technology, and added, oloj Global warming, energy and We want to help solve problems with the environment. müş As we have announced in 2017 (5.5 million electric cars sales per year in the global market), we want to produce better electric vehicles for more customers in our electric vehicle target. çevre used expressions.